Gas leak from a cracked pipe

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While carrying out a routine boiler service on behalf of Alpha Heating Innovation, I came across this gas leak in a basement flat in London.
On every London boiler service it is mandatory to inspect the pipe work and carry out a tightness test to confirm the soundness of the gas pipe work.

This test had showed a drop on the gauge which was well above the tolerance level, making this an ID (immediately dangerous) situation. This customer had suspected a smell and called National Grid to investigate, but was told by the gas engineer that it was damp that you could smell as he’s in a basement flat. Maybe back then the leak was in the tolerance level, what’s more surprising is that this was almost 4 years ago that he called National Grid.

This crack was not obvious to the naked eye, but detectable on an audible gas leak detector. The would’ve have taken a lot longer had it not been for my trusted gas detector, and the knowledge of where to start. The photos are of when the pipe was cleaned so you can clearly see the crack. This may have been a damaged pipe when installed and made worse by mice urine. It’s very difficult to say, as this is the 1st time I’ve seen this in my 10 years of working in the plumbing and heating trade. What is for sure is that this should have been traced many years ago when the customer suspected a gas leak. There is also no sleeve through the wall confirming the suspect works by a cowboy. 

This could’ve been very dangerous as it was very close to the gas hob, also with the gas prices so high this has been a huge waste.
We always recommend getting your gas appliance inspected, especially if you never have had a gas safety inspection done.