What to do when you screw into a water pipe


Emergency water leak

What happens when you accidentally screw or nail into a water pipe and you have an emergency water leak. Apart from the water squirting everywhere, you’ll be in a panic state. Remember times like these it’s always best to keep a cool head. The 1st thing you want to do is limit the damage the water will cause so if possible place the screw/nail back into the pipe to reduce the flow of water.

Next get some towels or a container to collect the water, if the leak is on the 1st floor you want to get that water under control as soon as possible. Otherwise you may end up with a yellow stain patch on the ceiling or worse the ceiling may fall.

Workout what kind of pipe you’ve damaged, if it is the main water pipe find the stock cock and isolate it. If you can’t find that turn on all the main water outlet taps to direct the flow of water away from the damage. Water always prefers to take the easy route.

If it’s a heating pipe there will only be a certain amount of water before it empties out, depending on how many radiators you have. A typical central heating system would have around 100 litres but that doesn’t mean all 100 litres would be coming out of that hole.

The above is a picture taken by me when we Emergency London plumbers attended a emergency water leak in a school. A carpenter screwed into a heating pipe which was behind a skirting. This was a large system with a commercial boiler. I instructed him over the phone what to do to reduce the flow until I got there. Fortunately for him this was a ground floor and had concrete flooring. The damaged section was removed dried of water and a new copper length was fitted. I repaired this all within an hour of his call.

Here is what he posted on our Facebook page. Click here to view more pictures. ABC Plumbing and Heating on Facebook

“Bro, you saved me today I cant thank you enuf. I thought that i was gonna be stranded till at the least Monday with this emergency water leak.
To anyone who reads this…. This guy really helped me today, the pic doesnt do my situation any justice, I was so stuck (never been so helpless in my whole life), all i did was find his number on the net, when i called him, he guided me on what to do and how to control the situation until he got there. He fixed the pipe (which i drilled through) and he knew exactly what he was doing even with such a complex heating system. Outstanding customer service and a very genuine person. Was a pleasure to meet you today bro. Thankyou once again”

The pleasure is all mine! we here to help you out, especially when there is an emergency water leak.